Councillor raises concerns

A vacant stand along this crumbling street in Dalpark is overgrown with long grass. These are just some of the issues plaguing the area. Alderman Jackie Reilly is the ward councillor.

Alderman Jackie Reilly, the DA councillor for ward 31 in Brakpan, believes inadequate service delivery continues to plague the residents of Dalpark Extensions Nine and 11.

According to Reilly, residents of the area continue to raise concerns over crumbling infrastructure and basic services.

“The DA in Ekurhuleni have been in constant communication with both the metro and the residents of Dalpark Extensions Nine and 11 to try and resolve the poor quality of service delivery,” she said.

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“Potholes riddle the area, [are] unattended to for months, and the patchwork [repairs], completed months ago, are now cracking due to poor workmanship, compounded by the recent heavy rains.

“The community has also been plunged into darkness from power failures due to the lack of maintenance.

“Add to this, the lack of grass-cutting, which sees illegal dumping on the rise.

“Numerous vacant stands are unkempt for months on end, where unsightly long grass acts as a haven for criminals.

“The once beautiful park, which could have been used for picnics and outdoor activities has, instead, become overgrown due to a complete lack of maintenance.

“The willow trees haven’t been pruned and the reeds are overgrown.”

“This is surely not satisfactory service delivery standards.

“We have already seen our CBDs decay thanks to a lack of active maintenance and becoming a hive for criminal activities.”

Reilly told the Herald that the DA will fight to ensure that communities are uplifted through the delivery of basic services and maintenance.

“The infinite potential of this area has been left to deteriorate and stagnate,” she said.

“It’s an absolute shame.

“We will hold the ANC-led coalition to account, and highlight the plight of the communities, which the governing party continues to fail.”

Ward 31 comprises Dalpark Proper and Extensions (excluding Dalpark Extension One) and Leachville.

Residents of these areas who would like to get in touch with Reilly, can contact her on 082 786 8386.

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