Burglars have a field day

Eight break-ins were reported on Friday alone.

Six of these took place at residential addresses along Bertram Street, in Brakpan North, Waterval Road, in Leachville, Bentley Place, in Kenleaf, Sterkbos Street, in Dalpark, Lower Road, in Minnebron and Queen Avenue.

The other two burglaries occurred at businesses situated along Uranium Road, in Vulcania, and Station Road.

Electronic goods, jewellery and other household items were stolen from homes, while computer screens, hard drives, copper pipes and electrical switches were among the goods stolen from the businesses.

On Saturday, an electric cable was stolen from a factory along Denne Road, in Vulcania, and a television set, kettle, coffee machine and DVD player were stolen from a home along Wordsworth Street, Dalpark.

Two burglaries were reported on Sunday.

A home along Wooten Street, Brakpan North, was burgled of a television set, a remote control and a hard drive, while shoes were stolen during a break-in at a home in Bottlebrush Street, Dalpark.

According to information supplied by complainants to the police, the value of the stolen items, as well as the cost of damages, amounts to hundreds of thousands of Rand.

Brakpan police have pleaded with residents and business owners to ensure their properties are properly protected against criminals.

Police have identified the current burglary hotspot areas as Dalpark Extensions Six, Nine and 11, as well as Vulcania.

Capt Joep Joubert, spokesperson for the Brakpan Police Station commander, told the Herald that suspicious-looking people, vehicles or noises must be reported to the police immediately.

He also provided the following safety tips:

  • Keep all your doors and security gates locked all the time, even when there is more than one person at home. All main doors should be fitted with strong locks.
  • Keep your garden well lit and trees and plants trimmed to eliminate any possible hiding places.
  • Ensure that your house’s street number is clearly marked on your wall/fence/gate so that it can be easily seen by emergency service personnel or the police, who may need to get to you.
  • If you are able to install additional security devices do so, as every deterrent helps.
  • Consider installing a burglar alarm and panic buttons, burglar bars and security gates, as well as remote control gates and garage doors to prevent you from having to step out of your car when leaving and returning home.
  • Never open the door to strangers and alert your family members or friends if you are sending someone unknown to their house.
  • Keep cash, valuables and firearms in safes that are securely bolted down.

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