‘I’m sorry’ – armed thug apologises to victim during robbery

An armed robber felt compelled to explain his actions to his victim, telling her “I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do, I’m just working”.

The Brakpan North woman (50) and her son (age unknown) were robbed by the man and two others in their Hospital Road home during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The robbers were armed with pistols.

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According to information received from Brakpan police, the woman was awakened by the sound of her burglar alarm going off at around 2am.

She thought her son had triggered the alarm and was about to get up to switch it off, when a torch was shone in her face and she saw a man with a gun.

The robber pointed the firearm at the woman, threatening to hit her with it, and told her to lie down.

Her son was then brought to her at gunpoint.

The robbers instructed the woman to disable the alarm, which she was unable to do.

Mother and son were then taken to the sitting room, where they were tied up, and the robbers began ransacking the house.

They took two laptops, two cellphones, a tablet, wristwatch and three handbags containing personal documents and cash.

After searching the house, one of the robber’s asked the woman’s son for the keys to the family car.

He told the man where the keys were and the robber headed to the vehicle outside.

The other two remained behind and one of them then apologised to the woman.

The robber who had gone outside quickly returned and asked questions about whether the vehicle was fitted with a tracking or anti-hijacking device.

Their presumed plan to steal the car was, however, thwarted by the arrival of an officer from a security company.

The robbers fled the scene, leaving the house through the kitchen door

The woman and her son were untied by the security officer and the police were called.

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