Supermarket fraudster robs pensioner

A fraudster pretending to be a promotional worker at a supermarket robbed an elderly Brenthurst woman of her handbag and jewellery.

The 80-year-old woman, Joan, and her 84-year-old husband Chris, had gone grocery shopping at the Checkers Hyper at [email protected] on Thursday, last week, when the con-artist struck.

The couple’s daughter Anne-Marie (55) requested that their surnames not be published.

According to Anne-Marie, her parents were near the bakery section in the store when a young, well-dressed woman approached them.

“She told my parents she is doing ‘promotion work’ and that my mother qualifies for a discount card,” said Anne-Marie.

“She then told my mom that she has to take off her diamond rings because she looks too rich and won’t qualify.

“My mother took off her diamond rings and put them in her handbag where my dad kept it in front of the trolley, with the strap around his hand.”

Anne-Marie explained that Joan then walked off with the young woman.

“When they were about two trolley lengths away from my dad, the woman ran back and screamed to my dad, ‘Ouma wants her bag’,” she said.

“She grabbed the bag out of my dad’s hand and ran off with it.

“My mother and father were screaming.”

The contents of the bag included the diamond rings, Joan’s ID book, bank card and driver’s licence, her wallet containing R800, as well their car keys.

Security personnel from Checkers who spoke to the couple after the ordeal confirmed the scam is doing the rounds.

Anne-Marie questioned why the public were not made aware of the scam.

She was thankful, however, to a woman who paid for her parents’ groceries after the incident.

“There are still good people in the world,” said Anne-Marie.

“My mom was in such a shock she didn’t even ask her name, but thank you to whoever you are, you will be blessed.”

The family is offering a reward for the return of any of the stolen items.

“The rings have a lot of sentimental value,” added Anne- Marie.

She can be contacted on 082 898 4076.

The theft was reported to the Brakpan police.

[email protected] marketing coordinator Shiley McPherson appealed to customers to be vigilant.

“We appeal to all customers to not be ignorant when it comes to these fraudsters,” she said.

“Please do not hand over your personal belongings.

“This is a scam taking place in all malls.”

Capt Joep Joubert, spokesperson for the Brakpan Police Station commander, told the Herald that shoppers should be cautious at all times.

Anyone who has been robbed in a similar manner can report it to the local police on 011 744 4940.

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