Shot fired during Brakpan North house robbery

According to information received, the following crimes were reported to Brakpan police over the weekend:

• Friday – A shot was fired during a house robbery in Van Lingen Street, Brakpan North.

The female homeowner heard a noise in the house at 4.30am and got up to investigate.

In the living room, she saw a man carrying a VHS video player in one hand and holding a gun in the other.

She started screaming and ran to the front door to shout for help.

The robber fired a shot and the woman ran to her bedroom and locked herself in.

The woman emerged a short while later and found that a television set had been taken.

She also found that her dog had been hurt and was bleeding from its right back paw.

It is not clear whether the dog had been shot.

A white Toyota Hilux was stolen from Kersboom Avenue, in Dalpark.

Thieves stole four wheels from a car parked at an address along Witpoortjie Street, in Kenleaf.

• Saturday – A burglary was reported at a home along Gairloch Street, in Dalview.

Cellphones, jewellery, a laptop and a radio were taken.

• Sunday – A security guard stationed at a business along Denne Road, in Witpoortjie, was robbed of his cellphone by four men.

The guard was conducting patrols at 10.10pm, when four men confronted him.

A shot was fired at the man and he was overpowered.

The robbers tied his hands with shoelaces and took him to the guardroom, where his colleague was also tied up.

They took the guard’s cellphone and a pair of keys to the business.

Truck wheels and batteries worth thousands of Rands were stolen from the company.

Liquor was stolen from a restaurant at Mall@Carnival.

A window at the establishment was forced open.

A cellphone was stolen during a break-in at a home along Devon Street, in Dalview.

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