Arm your alarm when you leave home

Private security firm ADT said residents should be aware that incidents of housebreaking and theft have increased in the city over the past month, with certain suburbs showing a higher prevalence of these crimes.

Suburbs which show an increase are Parkrand, Boksburg East, Boksburg South, Freeway Park, Witfield, Lilianton and Dawn Park, said Theunis Kotze, general manager, ADT Inland Region.

Streets most affected are Wolhuter (Parkrand), David (Boksburg East) and Barbara (Dawn Park), in which more than one incident was recorded.

Kotze warned that the crimes are happening at various times of the day and throughout the week, so residents need to be vigilant at all times.

“Criminals are aware that suburbs are largely deserted during the day, as most people are at work. They act either because they’ve staked out a specific house or they simply commit a crime of opportunity,” he explained.

“What concerns us is that many people don’t arm their alarm systems when they leave home and we still often come across properties where gates are left open.”

Perimeter security is the first layer of defence, according to ADT. Homeowners need to ensure their gates are secure at all times and can’t be lifted off the rails. The entire perimeter of the property should be checked regularly for weaknesses.

Security tips from ADT:

• Arm your alarm whenever you leave your home and when you go to bed.

• Close windows and check all doors are locked when you leave home.

• Secure your perimeter at all times.

• Activate outdoor detection.

• Lock all garden, leisure and other equipment away when not in use.

• Be extra vigilant when leaving and arriving home. If you notice anything or anyone suspicious, don’t turn into your driveway.

• Never allow strangers onto your property, no matter what they say their business is. Ensure your domestic staff know this rule.

• Carry a remote panic at all times when you’re at home and equip your domestic staff with panics.

• Report anything suspicious to the SAPS or your security provider immediately.

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