5 motoring tips for women

 Read your manual cover to cover

Yes, we understand that you would rather have root canal than reading your car manual, but having that information on standby will help you in the long run.

Car Manual

Don’t believe (everything) that the car salesman tells you

We say this for the reason being women aren’t treated as the same as men when car shopping and are often conned into adding on features to their new vehicle and in the long run are forking out extra money for non-essentials

Car salesman

Stick to the specialists

Once your car is out of warranty (and you are no longer required to service it at a franchised dealer), use a specialist workshop – a company dedicated to exhaust systems, tyres, electrical repairs, suspension, brakes and more. This will save you money that can be used for other family expenses.

Don’t drive slowly in a high gear

This is an essential tip for women drivers as this causes damage to your gear box and your engine, rather stick to lower gears if you aren’t sure on higher gears. The large throttle openings caused by slow driving in a high gear

Do keep your car in good shape (inside and out)

Although this is an obvious tip to all motorists out there it should be a constant reminder that keeping your car in good, clean shape is beneficial to you in the long run. Regular car washes and interior cleaning is a must. Because when you have a clean driving space, you have a better driving day.


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