Squatters must go

Bernie Lightfoot writes by email:

With reference to ‘Evictions now a possibility‘, in the Herald on November 4:

Regarding the plastic squatters being moved to Location Road – has the council gone absolutely mad?

There are five schools located in the immediate area.

What about the danger to these kids – never mind the safety of residents who have been staying there for donkey’s years in properties they actually own!

Not to speak of the crime element!

No, no, no. Take them back from where they came – definitely not Brakpan.

Some big shot is benefiting from these illegal miners and the recycling is just a front, because the whole place gets fuller with plastic each day, while they are digging for gold, even among the shacks.

They even break infrastructure and show no regard, just to suit their own needs for panning/washing the soil.

Wake up people!

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