Metro admits wheelies are causing frustration

The Herald has received comment from the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality in response to a letter published in last week’s edition, ‘Sidewalks are exactly where metro leaves its responsibility‘.

Submitted by Johan Botha, a portion of the letter reads: ‘Who is responsible for removing leaves from the sidewalk? The wheelie bins provided by council are inadequate and the leaves then have to be put in bags, all of which don’t fit in a wheelie bin. These bags are then not collected because they are not in the bin.’

Metro spokesperson Themba Gadebe responded as follows:

“In 2003, council approved a resolution to the effect that residents are responsible for maintenance of their sidewalks as a cost saving measure to enable council to keep rates and taxes affordable for residents,” he said.

“At this stage, the Solid Waste Department rendered a service to all residents to assist them, by removing any refuse bags containing garden refuse on collection day.

“With the rolling out of the wheelie bins, a challenge was created in that these bins only have a capacity for four refuse bags with any other additional garden refuse bags placed next to the wheelie bins not being removed and creating frustration for residents.

“The Parks and Cemeteries Department, unfortunately, does not have the resource capacity to collect leaves on sidewalks during the autumn period, but will engage with the Waste Management Division in an effort to possibly obtain assistance for residents with removal of leaves in refuse bags, exclusively during the autumn period, where considered necessary.

“It is also recommended that residents collect leaves, which some consider litter, and recycle these as far as possible for use as organic compost to enrich soil and mulch to suppress weed growth and reduce evaporation of water from bare soil after watering.”

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