Two nabbed after robbing food delivery man of cash, chips and cold drinks

Two men were arrested yesterday (Thursday) after robbing a fast food delivery driver with a toy gun.

The victim was robbed while making a delivery in Kingsway Avenue at around 3.20pm.

According to information received from local police, the victim was looking for an address along the street when he was stopped by three men.

One of the men told him that the food was theirs and that a family member had gone to withdraw cash to pay for it.

The victim inquired how long the person would take as he had other deliveries to make and the man told him five minutes.

As they waited, one of the men suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the victim.

He was told not to look at them and was searched.

The robbers took the victim’s cellphone, a large sum of cash, bags of food and cold drinks.

The victim drove off on his scooter and stopped a patrolling police car along High Road, where he informed law enforcers of the incident.

Police proceeded to the scene and two suspects were arrested.

The men were found in possession of a toy gun and all of the stolen items were recovered.

A case of armed robbery is under investigation.

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Stacy Slatter
News Editor

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