Daily crime watch

Cases reported:

• Attempted residential burglary: 1
• Fraud: 2
• Residential burglary: 3
• Theft of motor vehicle: 1
• Business burglary: 1
• Theft: 4
• Theft out of motor vehicle: 1
• Inquest: 1
• Tampering/damaging infrastructure: 1


• Assault GBH: 1


• 15th Street, in Sallies Village (business).

The business was broken into on Tuesday.

Stolen: A laptop and a computer monitor.

• Boven Avenue, in Leachville.

The burglary took place on Tuesday.

Stolen: A laptop.

• First Road, in Withok Estates.

The home was burgled yesterday (Wednesday).

Stolen: Various electric tools and a laptop.

• Kitzinger Avenue.

The break-in took place yesterday.

Stolen: A TV, cellphone and cash.

• No details were received regarding the attempted residential burglary.

Theft of motor vehicle:

• A red and black Big Boy motorcycle (model not provided) was stolen from an address along Stoffberg Avenue, on Tuesday.

Theft out of/from a motor vehicle:

• A laptop, cellphone and golf clubs were stolen from a car in Denne Road, Withok Estates, yesterday.

Information supplied by the Brakpan SAPS. All details are correct at the time of publishing.

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