Sewage problem makes councillor’s blood boil

This photo was submitted to the Herald by an Anzac business owner and shows a bloody mixture spewing from a drain.

One such issue – according to DA councillor for Ward 97 in Brakpan, Brandon Pretorius – is the ongoing sewage problem plaguing Brakpan and the inability of the local water and sanitation department to address it.

“It has become the norm that after each rainfall I am inundated with calls from all over Brakpan with complaints of sewage overflowing into yards of residents and premises of local business owners,” said Pretorius.

“Our sewerage and stormwater drains currently run from one line because of dilapidated infrastructure, owing to the lack of maintenance.

“It is neither correct nor fair that residents and business owners are constantly inconvenienced because of the local Department of Water and Sanitation’s incompetency.”

Pretorius told the Herald he met with local business owners and residents recently, who expressed their frustration with the issue.

He explained that the issue has deteriorated further and that in addition to the constant flow of sewage at the premises of a business in Anzac, there is now a semi-permanent mixture of blood running through the drainage system in the area.

“Owing to blockages, not only does this parking area at this business get constantly covered in human waste but now in blood too,” said Pretorius.

“This has happened on numerous occasions and not only is it unsightly and a huge inconvenience, but a health hazard too.”

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Reporting the issue and getting a speedy response has also been another hurdle.

“On most occasions, the business has to wait at least three days before any assistance is given by the metro,” said Pretorius.

“Meaning that the business is negatively affected as no one can stand the stench.”

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Pretorius questioned what contribution the mixed waste – if running freely into the Brakpan Dam via the stormwater drains – would have on the growth of the hyacinth infestation on the water body.

“I have escalated the issue to the local environmental health department, as well as the water and sanitation department for their immediate intervention,” he said.

“Not only do we expect the metro to resolve the issue timeously, but we also trust that they will investigate and implement a long-term solution.

“As the DA, we are not only noting the incompetency of the current ANC-run City of Ekurhuleni, but we are greatly concerned by the lack of maintenance and upgrading of water systems.”

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Stacy Slatter
News Editor

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