Zak goes on his first date

Megan Lee McKenna and Zak on thier first date at Carnival City.

The local bachelor competition is brought to you by Caxton East/South Rand in partnership with Carnival City and Hirsch’s Meadowdale.

Ludick was supposed to go out with 13 women in total, chosen by him and the competition organiser, but only four arrived for the date.

Ludick was rather happy with this, as it made things a whole lot easier for him and he didn’t have to break any hearts when choosing who will accompany him on a second date.

The four women — Megan Lee McKenna, Samantha Mitchell, Sandra Frost and Rhida Robbetze — automatically qualified to go on a second date.

Ludick is described as a funny, hyper active and outgoing guy, and all he wants from a woman is for her to be honest, committed and up for anything fun.

Their date at Carnival City kicked off with some fun interactive games at the Magic Company, friendly competitive Ten Pin Bowling and some great outdoor activities, including go-cart racing.

After the activities, Ludick and his dates went for lunch, where they learnt more about each other.

The women left eagerly anticipating their follow-up date with Ludick.

Carnival City Casino has proudly sponsored all the dates for the Local Bachelor and his top women.

There will be a total of five dates, after which Ludick will choose one woman he would like to date further and possibly have a future with beyond the competition.

What are the prizes?

On the weekend of April 12, Ludick and his chosen woman will have an evening of romance planned just for them, at one of Carnival City’s top hotels.

They will also win brand new Samsung S4 cellphones, proudly sponsored by Samsung and Hirsch’s Meadowdale.






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