About Brakpan Herald

The Herald has delivered news to the community without fail since its establishment in 1927, letting residents know who's who and what's happening in the town.
A total of 19 700 copies are distributed every Friday to households and businesses in town.
The publication branched into the digital world in 2010 and has a strong online presence, as well as on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
What is unique about Brakpan?
Situated between Springs and Benoni, Brakpan forms part of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.
Brakpan does not have any major landmarks, museums or monuments but the town certainly doesn’t lack unique character, mainly due to the residents and business owners who are passionate about the town.
It is these very same individuals who have seen the small town flourish over the past few years.
Brakpan has stood the test of time and not even the tough current economic climate facing many can damper the rapid growth and development of the town.
For many years Brakpan did not see the type of development and progress which benefited neighbouring towns but that is something of the past.
The town is booming!
Major developments such as the Mall@Carnival, Makro Carnival, which is the biggest Makro store in the country, and Carnival City have placed Brakpan firmly on the map.
This area is a fast growing business and property hub.
Many businesses along the R23 have found a home in Brakpan, which in turn created employment, saw the upgrading of roads and resulted in a major financial boost for the local economy.
The unique people of Brakpan have embraced the business interest in the town.
It is no longer necessary for residents to go beyond the boundaries of Brakpan to find excellent restaurants, movie houses, entertainment, great shopping, sport facilities and much more.
Brakpan is home to two state-of-the-art golf courses – the Royal Oak Country Club and the State Mines Country Club.
The town also boasts the renowned Rock Raceway, home of high speed motorsport action, which attracts racing fans from all over the country.
In addition, Brakpan is regularly visited by famous, international and local stars who perform at Carnival City.
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Interesting facts:
  • The Herald has a readership of 68 per cent.
  • Herald readers do most of their shopping at the Mall@Carnival.
  • 58 per cent are female, while 42 per cent are male.
  • 50 per cent are Afrikaans and 39 per cent are English.
  • 69 per cent are employed full time.
  • The average household income is R21 206.
Statistics obtained from Roots Survey 2013




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  • Brakpan Central
  • Brakpan North
  • Brenthurst
  • Dalview
  • Larrendale
  • Dalpark
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Total distribution: 19 700 - Delivered on Fridays

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